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Introducing our new feature, Friendly Game Challenge. Now you can find games easily and secure your team for a friendly game seamlessly through Gameday app. You can know your opponent past performances and decide if they are your worthy opponent. To celebrate the launch of 'Friendly Match Challenge', we are working with our trusted partners in bringing affordable game booking rates for a limited period.

Not just a friendly match. Team will participate in the Gameday ranking whenever they play a friendly game booked from Gameday. Points will be given based on game results and other mechanisms. Top teams will then be invited to play in a special Gameday tournament at the end of season. We will reveal the details really soon, so stay tune!

A new concept for our local football scene and we truly hope that this is something teams will get excited about and look forward to. So start booking your game with Gameday and rise up your rank against other teams in this challenge!

Manage and get insights on team growth

Setup your team profile and start building your team history.
Keep tabs on your team performances through statistics and witness your team develop as you play more games.

Track and share match information

How many goals you scored or games you played over the past few months?
We bet you have problem knowing that.
Setup your matches in Gameday and start recording every match results and events like goals and assists. Team history is built this way, so shout out to the world.

Track team and player performances

Awesome performance comes with compliments from teammates, be it a win or lose game.
Vote for your teammates and let them know about their good performances.
Gameday computes the performance score and presents meaningful insights on each player's match form.

Get notified of any upcoming team matches

Never miss a single game now.
We notify you of any upcoming games organised by your team manager or captain.
You can even let them know whether you are coming for the game.

Set team lineup for every match

Go more in-depth into each match details.
As a team-in-charge, share with your teammates and the football world about your team lineup and formation before and after the match.